Lobster Mac & Cheese

By Rick Petralia January 5, 2020

Lobster Mac & Cheese through a drive-thru?  Only at Fazoli’s!  It’s no secret that lobster is a premium ingredient.  A lot of other places cut corners by serving imitation lobster meat mixed with barely enough real lobster in it to be able to call it “Lobster.”  That’s not how we do it.  Our Lobster Mac & Cheese has 100% real North Atlantic lobster—no imitation meat!

We take cavatappi pasta (Italian word for “corkscrew”) and top it with a white cheddar cheese sauce that has been simmered with lobster meat so that there is lobster flavor in every bite.  We layer in Asiago cheese so that every bite, including the last, is cheesy.  We finally bake it in our 490-degree oven.  After it comes out of the oven, we sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and Italian herbs.