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Fan Favorite Mac & Cheese is Back and Better than Ever

Fazoli’s – the brand known for serving up premium Italian recipes at a great value – is putting a delicious spin on a classic comfort dish – Oven-Baked Mac & Cheese – with new craveable flavors. Starting Jan. 6, guests who visit Fazoli’s will have the luxury of indulging in… Read More

Debut of Classic Italian Favorite Offered Three Unique Ways

With the new delectable limited-time promotion, guests can enjoy a spin on the classic Baked Chicken Parmigiano dish and a summer favorite dessert to top it off at America’s largest premium QSR Italian chain beginning July 8. The promotion includes: Chicken Parm Pasta Duo – Baked Chicken Parmigiano or Fettuccini… Read More

Fazoli’s Brings Home Two Gold Stevie® Awards

Fazoli’s was named  winner of a Gold Stevie® Award  for Company of the Year in the food & beverage category for the 17th Annual American Business Awards®. Fazoli’s Chief Executive Officer, Carl Howard, is also being honored for Achievement in Management. “We are honored to receive two such prestigious accolades… Read More

Get Your Cheese Fix with Fazoli’s Parmesan Fest

Bring out the cheese wheels and parmesan grater, it’s Parmesan Fest at Fazoli’s! Beginning April 8, fans can indulge in their favorite Fazoli’s dishes with a deliciously fun twist. “Parmesan is a staple ingredient in Italian food; it deserves to be celebrated,” said Director of Culinary Innovation Rick Petralia. “We… Read More

Fazoli’s Inaugural Hall of Fame Induction

In honor of the brand’s 30th anniversary last September, Fazoli’s has established a Hall of Fame to recognize team members, franchisees and suppliers whose vision, leadership and innovation have impacted Fazoli’s, making it the successful restaurant it is today. To celebrate these esteemed associates, Fazoli’s is hosting its inaugural Hall… Read More

Fazoli’s Fires Up Franchise Expansion for 2019

Fazoli’s today announced business highlights for 2018 that included a year-over-year sales increase of 1.4 percent at company locations and 10 new restaurant openings. The brand also signed three new franchise agreements and set company sales records at two new restaurant openings. “After much hard work and dedication, it’s exciting to… Read More

Introducing Italian Classics with a Pizza-Baked Twist

It is no secret that Fazoli’s famous Pizza Baked Spaghetti is a show stopper. America’s largest elevated QSR Italian chain is bringing back the fan-favorite and expanding its offerings with new versions of the classic Italian dish, manicotti. In addition to the fan favorite Pizza Baked Spaghetti, Fazoli’s is offering… Read More

Bacon Mac & Cheese

Who doesn’t love Mac & Cheese?  What you may not know is that Macaroni and Cheese is a dish with Italian origins.  The first recorded recipe for a cheesy pasta casserole was found in the 14th century Italian cookbook, Liber de Coquina (which translates roughly to “Book of Kitchen” in… Read More

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Lobster Mac & Cheese through a drive-thru?  Only at Fazoli’s!  It’s no secret that lobster is a premium ingredient.  A lot of other places cut corners by serving imitation lobster meat mixed with barely enough real lobster in it to be able to call it “Lobster.”  That’s not how we… Read More

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Buffalo Chicken originated in 1964 at an establishment called the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York.  The legend is that the owners wanted to do something nice for the guests in the bar and they were accidentally delivered an excessive amount of chicken wings, so they decided to deep fry… Read More

Buffalo Chicken Breadstick Slider

If you haven’t had a breadstick slider at Fazoli’s yet, you’re missing out!  We take our famous breadstick dough and bake it into snackable-size slider buns.  Before baking we brush them with garlic butter so that every bite is buttery and garlicky just like a Fazoli’s breadstick.  Our newest variety… Read More

The Cheesecake Factory Bakery Cheesecake

At Fazoli’s, our guests have been enjoying our New York Cheesecake with Strawberries and our Triple Chocolate Cheesecake for years.  We wanted to take those two great items and make them even better.  We partnered with The Cheesecake Factory Bakery® to make these two cheesecakes for us.  The bakers at… Read More

Smoky Bacon Breadsticks

This snack is a cheesy pull-apart pizza made from Fazoli’s famous breadsticks! It starts with our garlic-buttery breadsticks. We add mozzarella cheese and chopped bacon, then bake it to order. We serve it with a delicious cheese sauce made with smoked Gouda. Gouda is a Dutch cheese named after the… Read More

S’mores Breadstick Bites

At Fazoli’s we know we are kind of famous for our breadsticks. Early in 2019 we launched our first breadstick dessert, Cinnamon Swirl Breadstick Bites. They were so popular we created a new breadstick dessert—Our S’Mores Breadstick Bites! A classic S’More is made with graham cracker, marshmallow, and a chocolate… Read More

Smoky Chicken Carbonara Bake

Carbonara is an Italian staple. “Pasta Carbonara” loosely translates to “Coal Miner’s Pasta.” The origin of the name isn’t completely known but some think the name refers to the black specks of pepper appearing to be black specks of coal. Another theory is that it is a dish invented by… Read More

Blackened Shrimp & Chicken Bake

Our new Blackened Shrimp & Chicken Bake is made with orecchiette (pronounced oh-reck-ee-ET-tay) pasta, our new smoked Gouda cheese sauce, fire-roasted red peppers, and blackened chicken and shrimp. Blackening is a style of Cajun cooking that involves seasoning seafood, chicken, or any other type of meat with a blend of… Read More

Smoky Bacon Pasta Bake

Our new smoky bacon pasta bake is made with orecchiette (pronounced oh-reck-ee-ET-tay) pasta topped with rich and creamy smoked gouda cheese sauce, then baked with mozzarella and Gouda blend and chopped bacon. Orecchiette is a bell-shaped noodle. The name literally translates in Italian to “small ear” because of its ear-like… Read More

Blackened Chicken Caesar

The Caesar salad is almost synonymous with Italian food.  It was created by an Italian, but not in Italy.  It was invented by Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who owned restaurants in the United States.  Caesar salads are almost always made with romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, egg, anchovies, and croutons. … Read More

Orange Cream Cheesecake

Nothing quite says “summer” like an orange cream frozen treat.  We wanted to take that nostalgic flavor and put it into a cheesecake.  For the Orange Cream Cheesecake we swirl NY-cheesecake with orange cheesecake. We bake this on a graham cracker crust and then drizzle with a sweet citrus glaze… Read More

Chicken Parm Fries

You read that correctly.  Chicken Parm Fries.  These aren’t fries made from potatoes topped with chicken.  We are making fries out of Chicken Parmesan.  You get 10 crispy chicken fries breaded in our signature Chicken Parmigiano breading.  We dust them with Parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning.  To make it even… Read More

Chicken Parm Pasta Duo

Two Italian classics, Chicken Parmigiano with spaghetti and Baked Fettuccine Alfredo on one dish for a low price!  We start with fettuccine Alfredo and spaghetti marinara.  We top the spaghetti with a piece of chicken parmigiano with Parmesan cream sauce, top it all with a blend of mozzarella and provolone… Read More

Chicken Parm Breadstick Slider

People have been eating Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches for just about as long as Chicken Parmesan has existed.  We took this classic and made a snack-size version, the Chicken Parm Breadstick Slider.  We have made slider buns out of our famous breadstick dough and brushed them with the same garlic-buttery goodness… Read More

Pepperoni BLT Breadstick Slider

The Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich has been around for over 100 years, however the abbreviated name, BLT, has only been in use since the 70s.  Our Pepperoni BLT Breadstick Slider takes the deliciousness of a BLT, pepperoni, and a Fazoli’s breadstick all in one snack-size sandwich.  We have made slider… Read More

Chicken Parm Lasagna

We couldn’t decide if we wanted to create a new lasagna entrée or a new chicken Parm entrée.  Instead, we decided to do both.  We created the Chicken Parm Lasagna:  Lasagna made out of Chicken Parm!  Traditionally lasagna is made from sheets of pasta layered with sauce, ricotta, and mozzarella. … Read More

Cinnamon Swirl Breadstick Bites

It’s no secret – our guests love our breadsticks.  We love our breadsticks too.  We wanted to transform them into something special for all of our guests.  We ended up with the Cinnamon Swirl Breadstick Bites.  It is an ooey-gooey sharable cinnamon roll made from Fazoli’s breadsticks.   To make it,… Read More

White Peach Italian Ice

Our guests love our Italian ice.  We wanted to put add a new flavor for the warmer weather.  We are introducing a new white peach Italian ice.  The sweet and refreshing flavors of white peach are blended with lemon to make a refreshing frozen beverage, perfect for warmer weather (or… Read More

Parmesan Crusted Shrimp Bake

Our guests loved our Shrimp Alfredo Manicotti so we are adding yet another twist on shrimp Alfredo.  For each order, you will get fifteen tender shrimp that are simmered in a black pepper Parmesan Florentine sauce (fancy term for a creamy spinach sauce inspired by the cooking of Florence, Italy). … Read More

Parmesan Crusted Alfredo Bake

We start with gemelli (jay-MEL-lee) pasta.  This is a pasta shape that looks like two tubes wrapped around each other.  The name comes from the Italian word for twins.  We top the gemelli with our rich and creamy Alfredo sauce and mozzarella and provolone cheeses.  It is baked with a… Read More

Strawberry Spinach and Bacon Salad

Nothing embraces the season of spring like our new Strawberry Spinach and Bacon Salad.  We start off with a bed of fresh baby spinach.  We top it with sliced red onions, oven-roasted chicken, crispy chopped bacon, and hand-sliced fresh strawberries.  We top it all with shaved Parmesan cheese (this is… Read More

Our Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America.  Americans eat over 350 slices of pizza per second.  That’s a lot of pizza!  At Fazoli’s, our Pizzaiolos (Italian word for pizza maker) take pride in making our pizza each and every day in our restaurants. The beginning to any… Read More

Our Cheeses

It almost goes without saying that formaggio (Italian word for cheese) is an absolute staple in Italian cuisine.  At Fazoli’s, we use a variety of cheeses to enhance our dishes.  We use the following cheeses: Mozzarella – Whether it is one of our craveable baked pastas, Submarino, or pizza, mozzarella… Read More

Introducing Manicotti!

We are excited to offer you a new lineup of delicious manicotti entrees! First off, what are manicotti? Manicotti are pasta tubes stuffed with some sort of filling. The name literally translates to “little sleeve” in Italian. It seems that Italians have been stuffing pasta tubes with cheese for hundreds… Read More

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

There are two types of people in this world:  Those who love chocolate hazelnut spread, and those that have not had it.  Regardless of which group you fall into, you will love our new Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake!  It’s chocolate hazelnut cheesecake on a chocolate cookie crust, topped with chocolate hazelnut… Read More

Shrimp Alfredo Manicotti

Shrimp isn’t something we always have a Fazoli’s, but when we do, we want to do something big with it.  The Shrimp Alfredo Manicotti is a premium entrée at the fraction of the price of a fancy restaurant.  We simmer 15 tender shrimp in a black-pepper Florentine sauce (fancy term… Read More

Pizza Baked Manicotti

It’s no secret that our Pizza Baked Spaghetti is one of our guests’ all-time favorites.  Our guests are going to love our new Pizza Baked Manicotti even more.  It is two hand-rolled manicotti topped with Fazoli’s signature pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and then loaded with pepperoni.  After we bake it… Read More

Chicken Alfredo Manicotti

This is a rich and creamy twist on the classic chicken Alfredo.   In the Fazoli’s test kitchen, we call this a mash-up.  We have taken two separate ideas; manicotti and chicken Alfredo, and mashed them into one entrée.  Two hand-rolled manicotti, stuffed with Parmesan and ricotta, are topped with Alfredo… Read More

Pizza Baked Spaghetti

Don’t get me wrong, our classic baked spaghetti is great, but the Pizza Baked Spaghetti is absolutely amazing.  We typically only sell this item once a year.  Mark your calendars, its back, and for only a limited time!  We top spaghetti with pizza sauce, load it up with mozzarella cheese… Read More

Our Sauces

It's what makes our pasta's so good, our sauces! We know how much our customers love the sauce on our pasta's, and this article goes a little further to explain exactly why we take great pride in each of our sauces, as well as some more information on what makes each of our sauce's so unique! Read More

Our Pasta

At Fazoli's, you know us for one main thing; our pasta! It makes us who we are, and we take great pride in care in the types of pasta we use and it's preparation. This article is a small description about how we cook our pastas, what pasta's we use, and more information on each of these pasta's for our customers knowledge! Read More


Our guests come for our delicious pasta entrees, salads, and Submarinos.  However, they come back over and over again to get our delicious garlic buttery breadsticks.  We believe that life is better with breadsticks, and we hope you do too.Read more to find out about one of the most delicious things Fazoli's has to offer! Read More